Nikko House Cleaning, LLC is a professional cleaning company dedicated to making your home sparkle and shine! All of our professional cleaners are bonded and insured.

Our cleaners work in teams of two or more depending on the size of the job. A team leader is assigned to your home. We make every effort to keep the same team leader assigned to your home, but cannot guarantee it.

While we make every effort to assign the same cleaners to your home each visit, due to circumstances beyond our control, (such as illness, promotions, vacations, etc.), we cannot always guarantee you will have the same cleaner every visit.

Nikko House Cleaning, LLC knows that you are concerned about how your personal information is used and shared, and we respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our clients. We will not share or sell your information with any third parties.


Our employees will be respectful while in your home. They will not smoke, while in your home, nor do they watch TV. They do not answer the telephone or doorbell. Their only purpose while in your home is to clean.

Our cleaners will never wear street shoes inside your home. We will wear separate slippers and/or shoes while cleaning. For safety reasons we are unable to clean in bare or stocking feet.

All of our cleaners are screened through background checks and are drug-free.


We provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment including vacuums, mops, and 100% non-toxic and ecologically friendly cleaning products. If you have a specific product you want used, please contact our office prior to our visit.


Please allow us the flexibility of scheduling our cleaning between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Cleanings are scheduled in an order that requires the least amount of drive time for our cleaners. This means the exact time of your cleaning may differ each time. If you require an AM or PM schedule we will make every effort to accommodate your request however no times are guaranteed. Due to unpredictable traffic congestion in our region, our cleaners may be delayed. We will make every effort to notify you if we expect significant delays. If we arrive between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm and we are turned away, a cancellation charge will apply.


Nikko House Cleaning provides all of the equipment and supplies necessary to complete your cleaning, which includes a vacuum cleaner and other equipment that can be heavy and cumbersome to carry. If there is no free parking available within one city block of your home, Nikko House Cleaning will use the nearest paid parking lot and bill you for those fees. Please consult with us before your visit if parking is an issue in your neighborhood.


Please make sure your home is accessible to us. Because your scheduled cleaning time may change each cleaning, we require a key and /or access to your home. There are several options for providing access to your home, please contact us for more information. Do NOT leave a door open or your home unlocked on the day of cleaning for security and safety reasons.


If your home is equipped with a security system, please insure that it is in the OFF position or inform our office of the codes and input sequence before your scheduled cleaning. Please be sure to notify our office if this code changes. We do not advise leaving a door open or unlocked as we cannot be responsible if an item is lost or broken in this case as anyone could enter your home prior to or after we have cleaned your home. We cannot be held liable for any fines or fees as a result of a false alarm.


The cleaning will be far more satisfactory if the cleaners do not have a great deal of clutter with which to contend. Desks that have a large amount of paperwork for instance will not be cleaned. Please pick up clothes, toys and paperwork before each cleaning so we can do our job. We do not currently offer decluttering services and may not be able to clean if an area is left with a large amount of clutter.

Also, for health and safety reasons, we are unable to move furniture or household items weighing more then 25 pounds.


If you have pets, our cleaners do appreciate it when they are secured and that you pick up after them. While our cleaners do not leave your doors open for extended periods of time, it is sometimes necessary to leave a door open while bringing in and carrying out cleaning equipment and supplies. Also, a part of our cleaning method is to open windows during the cleaning for air exchange. In that regard, we can not be responsible for escaped pets.

Due to health and safety reasons, we do not clean litter boxes or collect urine/feces from the floor.


If you have valuables or heirlooms, etc., it would be helpful if they would be put away to avoid accidents. Regrettable and although not common, from time to time, something may be broken. Our personnel are instructed to call our office at once if ANYTHING is broken, and to leave you a note advising you of the accident. In the event an item is damaged or broken, we reserve the option to repair or replace the item. A dollar value of one-of-a-kind items destroyed must be demonstrated in order that a settlement may be determined. We cannot be responsible for wall hangings attached with anything other than real picture hooks. No straight pins, thread, etc.


Our cleaners are instructed to follow the work requirements as outlined on your account. If you have any extra needs, please contact our office at least 2 business days before your scheduled cleaning so we can be sure to schedule extra time in your home.


Payment is due in full on the day of the cleaning. Payment by cash or check is expected on the day of service and can be left on the kitchen counter or table for the cleaner to pick up when the team arrives. If paying by cash, please place the cash in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Nikko House Cleaning”. We currently accept credit or debit card payments through PayPal. If you would like to use this service, please let us know in advance and we will send you a PayPal invoice via e-mail.

If payment is not received, or is not left for the cleaning team on the day of service, an invoice will be mailed immediately, due on receipt and a $5.00 billing service charge will be added. Accounts become past due 15 days following the day of service and a late fee of $25.00 will be charged. After the first of the month following the service an additional 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be charged on all past due accounts. A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each NSF check returned by the bank. In the event an account requires legal or collection action, customer agrees to pay all cost of collection without limitations for reasonable attorney fees, interest on past due amount, court costs, and all collection costs.


For Initial and One Time Cleanings (including Move In/Out Cleanings), a $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged if the cleaning is cancelled once it has been scheduled. For Regular Maintenance Cleaning Clients, a fee of $25.00 will be charged unless notification of a cancellation or change to your cleaning schedule has been made less than 2 business days prior to the service date. All notifications must be made by calling our office. Telling the cleaning team when they are in your home is not considered notification.


If it is necessary for you to change, cancel or skip your regular cleaning day, we require at least 2 business days notice. If you do not notify our office and upon arrival we cannot enter your home, we will charge you a lock out fee of $70.00 to cover our expenses. Our teams daily pay is based on homes scheduled. When you skip on short notice or lock out the team, we do not have time to fill in your spot and our teams pay is affected. It also can cause scheduling problems with our other clients. Should you at any time require a change or modification to your cleaning work order or your cleaning schedule of frequency, a call to our office is the surest way of accomplishing this. The cleaning team is instructed to follow the instructions as they appear on their personalized work order. Specific instructions or requests given to the team cannot be guaranteed from week to week.


In order to be sure you obtain the highest quality of service that we offer, we conduct spot checks of our client homes after a service cleaning service is completed. Occasionally, a supervisor may enter your home after our cleaning team leaves, or they may call you at home or work. We believe that inspections and customer contact is the best way to help in exceeding your expectations and improve our high standards. You may also be asked to complete a satisfaction survey. We appreciate your honest feedback.


We guarantee our work. Contact our office BEFORE 11am the day following your cleanings (11am Monday for Friday cleanings) and we will make every effort to correct the problem. Nikko House Cleaning cannot refund any portion of a cleaning fee, however we will re-clean areas that you are not 100% satisfied with. Depending on the condition of your home, and any time restrictions set by you, the Nikko House Cleaning guarantee may not apply to certain areas of your home, including any rooms or areas not listed in our estimate or quote.


Tips are appreciated by your cleaning team but not required. A recommended tip is 10-20% of your total cleaning fee. Tips can be left as cash for the cleaning team or added into the check.


The holidays observed by our company are New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, Christmas Day. Should your regular cleaning fall on these days, our office will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to the holiday to reschedule your cleaning. If you wish to reschedule a cleaning that falls on another holiday throughout the year, please call the office at least 2 business days in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee.


Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. After hours and weekends, a voicemail can be left and we will return it on the next business day.